10. 11. 2013

Blizzcon weekend doodling

Got kinda hyped over Blizzcon announcements so I started modeling horde arms while watching streams and other coverage. For The Horde!

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03. 03. 2013

Dynamic Shadows in Stage3D

This is a 20 minute game jam on “shadow” that got out of hand. Thanks to being so OCD about it I also got a sneak peak into drawing primitives using Stage3D and...

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02. 01. 2013

Screen space to Isometric space in AS3

How to turn screen space point into a point in isometric space? Well, here’s how: Vector_p is the point we clicked. Vector_u_len and vector_v_len are the values we’re looking for.     Dot...

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08. 09. 2012

Protein Synthesis Design

  I’ve wanted to make a game about microbiology for a long time. With help of my loving wife (who actually knows this stuff) I created design for Protein Synthesis, a tower defense...

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28. 08. 2012


Here’s a short animation I made for a song called Megaton. Video is mostly done in Blender3d, some compositing and color correction in After Effects. Go check out The Fluffy Band at Facebook.

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12. 06. 2012

Creating Geometry Out of Images in Blender

I wanted to try out creating terrain assets without sculpting. Today I took a picture on my way to work and started working from that.

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27. 04. 2012

Say It in Starcraft

  Want to create a Starcraft2 style logo of your own? Here’s the characters as a bitmap to get you started. Click here for a super-size alpha version.    

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24. 04. 2012

New Transparent Starcraft Logos

These were requested, so here they are. Click images to view in full resolution.    

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09. 04. 2012

Sysmä Game Jam and Ice Cream Hunt

First unofficial Sysmä Game Jam was held last weekend. There was a single participating team consisting of hardcore game designers Vilja and Sampo, aged 11 and 7 respectively and a sidekicking code monkey...

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14. 02. 2012

Happy Valentine’s Day

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