M/27 “Pystykorva” in Blender

On 19.8.2010 by Antti Lepistö

Military rifle M/27 or Pystykorva is a Finnish variant from the Russian Mosin-Nagant. It was used from the 1920s until WW2. It was also the weapon of choice of Simo Häyhä, the deadliest sniper of all times. Gun gets its nickname from the “ears” of the front sight which resemble the ears of a Spitz-type dog.

I’d say that guns aren’t at the center of most people’s interest but they are good modeling practice. They are fairly simple and can be modeled in a couple of days. Also, as gun enthusiasts like to photograph their guns, the internet is full of decent reference material. This kind of setups are also perfect for playing around with effects like reflecting glare.

Here’s the .blend

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