On 5.9.2010 by Antti Lepistö

I’m a huge fan of the rabbids. I don’t have Wii but based just on a few videos they are one of the best concepts in games ever. They’re just so unpredictable and outstanding at failing. Rabbids can do anything and it’s funny. Well, rabbids can do absolutely nothing and it’s still funny. You know they’re up to something. I’ve got a few ideas what the cute monsters could be doing… Bwaaaaaaaah!!!

So just to be sure, this is fan art. Rabbid is a trademark of Ubisoft Entertainment.


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  • seth kramer

    hello i was wondering what engine you used to make these and if they are friendly with maya if i could use them?

    • Antti Lepistö

      They’re made in Blender3d. So not friendly, really. You can export models in several file types but I wouldn’t count on rigs etc. to work. If you want to try it out I can dig out the blend file and upload it here. Let me know.

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