Zerg logo

On 11.11.2010 by Antti Lepistö

1920×1080 version

…and another one with more traditional texturing

1920×1080 version

16 Responses to “Zerg logo”

  • edin

    very sick logo 😉

  • EoWxBrutos

    Hey, wondering if I can use one of these for my Twitch.tv account, I will give credit to the maker



  • Antti Lepistö

    Sure you can 😉

  • cami

    Hey, a friend of mine wants me to make a banner for his stream.
    is it ok if i use it?
    hes not popular or anything so no profit will be made or anything

  • alex

    hey can i use this as my background……

  • alex

    very cool logo man.

  • Jordi

    OH SO SEXY <3
    just wanted to say that the first logo is kind of protoss-ish
    but its still really really fucking sexy <3 😀

  • Suzi

    Love this logo. Would you let me have it custom printed on a t shirt? Just 1 shirt? I want to make a custom shirt as a present to a Starcraft fanatic,


  • Dan

    Yooo I would love to be able to use this logo on my Stream page if at all possible? Thanks,

  • liz

    I was wondering if I could use your second logo for a personalized hoodie for our team idea. It’ll only be our hoodies we wouldn’t sell them, but if someone asked us how/where we got them I’d tell them custom hoodie with your logo design.

  • Hi! This zerg is perfect for our sponsoring shoutcaster player pro.
    Could we use it for logo of our Team? Thanks for your wonderfull work!

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