Importing Low Poly Models from Blender to Unity3D

On 16.1.2011 by Antti Lepistö

I tried out importing low polygon models from Blender into Unity as a proof-of-concept for a school project. The high poly scene consisted of 275,000 vertices whereas low poly had only 278! The quality of the scene is however surprisingly good. I could have gone for more vertices but I’m modeling the interior for a largeish space ship so the vertex count per model should be fairly low. Below there are images inside Blender and link to the Unity demo itself. I decided to move the Unity demos into a separate page since the Unity plugin seems reluctant to pass the focus back to the browser window in some browsers.

Lights are just throw on the stage as they are not really the focus of the example. Also, bump mapping really jumps out in dark scenes.

High poly models without textures.

High poly models with textures.

Low poly models without textures.

Low poly models with textures.

Screenshot of the demo in Unity.

Click to view the demo in Unity

2 Responses to “Importing Low Poly Models from Blender to Unity3D”

  • MapMonkey

    It looks good, but almost looks like it is missing mesh smoothing or that the smoothing angle was set too low for the model vertex normals.

    As an aside, I do like the premise of your collection as a whole as put forth in your About Me section. A good idea! 🙂

  • Antti Lepistö

    Yeah, I didn’t know what was up with the smoothing at the time. It was fine in the high poly version but somehow the normal bake looked like this.

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