More Red Cells

On 29.1.2011 by Antti Lepistö

Vimeo rapes the quality of the video so I uploaded the original 1280×720 version to DropBox. It’s around 40Mb.

To avoid having to write my thesis I decided to try animating the red cells I modeled some time ago. Instead of rendering those polygon monsters in actual 3d I decided to try using particles and 2d planes. This could have been done easily in After Effects but I decided to stick to blender for education’s sake.

I rendered a 360 spin from a single cell and then used that as a texture for the plane particles. Below are images from the cell itself and how the scene looked in the 3d view port. There’s a hole in the mesh so that any of the particles won’t be flying straight into the camera. I used a “vein-like” texture as a sky and mist was used to fade in the particles.

You can download the single red cell footage here if you want to play with it.

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