Unity3D Pirate Ship Demo

On 27.2.2011 by Antti Lepistö

This is a school project I’ve been working on for a few weeks now. Modeling was done again in Blender3D. It’s just a small walk-around-demo but sure enough a lot more work than just throwing a few planes in a Unity3D scene. The collisions are pretty bad so you’ll get a little stuck if you really try. The main focus of making the demo was to find out how much effort does it take to create some 3d worlds in Unity3D. Also, it seems that baking textures from high poly models isn’t really worth it unless the low poly or the textures really can’t handle it.

Pirate Ship Demo

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  • MapMonkey

    Good texture work.

    Barrels have gaps between parts which would hinder Occlusion culling. Need to seal models.

    Some cannons are set at heights that sink the wheels into the deck. Missing rope rigging to reduce recoil of cannons. Current setup would cause any cannon fired to careen across the deck to strike the one behind it; likely killing the gun crew.

    Consider custom Collision Mesh for sticking points. Possibly a full collision hull for each level of the walkthrough. (Basically a box with no material or rendering properties in Unity the fits just inside the visible movement area.

    Board gaps near gun ports need to be sealed. Consider walls being done as a single face with Diffuse and Normalized Textures for the Material. No gaps in the sides of the ship and collision is simplified. 😉

    Overall, nice work visually. 🙂

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