How to Do It in Blender: Animated Pin Board

On 17.5.2011 by Antti Lepistö

In my early days of Blender it was so frustrating to find a cool tutorial that used some other 3D software. As I had to follow the tutorials like a monkey there was no way of winging it just based on the tutorial. So, deeply depressed I started ignoring all tutorials that used any other software than Blender3D.

Nowadays its fun to shuffle through also 3ds Max and whatnot tutorials for inspiration. Every once in a while I’ll find intriguing techniques that would be nice to know how to do in Blender. Animated Pin Board from the CG tuts being an example. This effect is pretty easy to achieve with dupliverts and then displacing the mesh. You need to set the displacement texture and play with the modifiers to set the pins into correct position.

In category How to Do It in Blender I’ll post models that use techniques that no tutorial seem to cover.



1280×720 image
Displacement texture



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