New Transparent Starcraft Logos

On 24.4.2012 by Antti Lepistö

These were requested, so here they are. Click images to view in full resolution.



7 Responses to “New Transparent Starcraft Logos”

  • Hey! I am Using your pictures for my youtube project and the thumbmails there. If you are not ok with that please let me know

    Thanks alot 🙂

  • Eric Yu

    Hey! Great artwork man! keep up the good work!
    I printed out a vinyl of this and used it to decorate a custom PC.
    (I’ll post pictures later =D)
    Any chance of releasing High-resolution versions of these?:

    They’re my favorite!

    Thanks again!


    • Antti Lepistö


      Yeah. I just need to dig up the models from my old PC so I can re-render them.

  • Eduardo

    using your images for a wallpaper, please tell me if you give me permision to use them or not, thanks a lot, and good work =)

  • I would like to use your zerg logo as part of my stream please e-mail if that is okay.

  • JowEver

    Hey! Im using your pictures at the botton on shirts to my group of Starcraft. I hope you dont mind.

  • Amanda Fischer

    I was wondering if I could use your logos for a gift for my boyfriend. He is a super golf fan and starcraft, so I would like to get these imprinted on a set of golf balls for him. Please email me if this is ok.

    Thank you

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