03. 03. 2013

Dynamic Shadows in Stage3D

This is a 20 minute game jam on “shadow” that got out of hand. Thanks to being so OCD about it I also got a sneak peak into drawing primitives using Stage3D and...

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02. 01. 2013

Screen space to Isometric space in AS3

How to turn screen space point into a point in isometric space? Well, here’s how: Vector_p is the point we clicked. Vector_u_len and vector_v_len are the values we’re looking for.     Dot...

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09. 06. 2011

Game of Sound

This app was a part of an installation we held at school. It’s a sequencer that uses motion tracking as input and game of life as visualization. Credits to Soulwire for the motion...

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15. 03. 2011

How to Create a Game Like Aurora in Flash

Aurora is another great Unity3D game. Simple and beautiful. While playing with the bitmapdata particles I decided to try recreating the mechanics at least into some extent. The physics aren’t perfect but they’ll...

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07. 03. 2011

How to Create a Game Like Auditorium in Flash

I ran into this game called Auditorium a while ago. It rocks. It’s a perfect example how simple gameplay with simple graphics can still be super engaging. So, I happened to run also...

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10. 08. 2010

How to compile and install AIR for Android with Flashdevelop

My Flash CS5 trial just expired so I needed to figure out how to compile my AIR for Android with Flashdevelop. I’ve tried it a couple of times but haven’t been able to...

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