10. 11. 2013

Blizzcon weekend doodling

Got kinda hyped over Blizzcon announcements so I started modeling horde arms while watching streams and other coverage. For The Horde!

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27. 04. 2012

Say It in Starcraft

  Want to create a Starcraft2 style logo of your own? Here’s the characters as a bitmap to get you started. Click here for a super-size alpha version.    

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24. 04. 2012

New Transparent Starcraft Logos

These were requested, so here they are. Click images to view in full resolution.    

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14. 02. 2012

Happy Valentine’s Day

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05. 02. 2012

My Starcraft is Your Starcraft

People ask me if they can use my Starcraft stuff for streams, websites and whatnot. Yes, you may. I love esports and sharing my stuff is the least I can do. Crediting is...

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13. 11. 2011

Sculpting a House Elf

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12. 07. 2011

Transparent Starcraft 2 Logos

Click the images to view 1280×720 versions.

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16. 05. 2011
Protoss Logo Reveal #2

Protoss Logo Reveal #2

Another try with the Protoss logo with a little more complex particles. Click to download the HD version. Feel free to use it.

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15. 05. 2011

Protoss Wallpaper

I was requested to do this version by a fellow Brotoss. Click for different resolutions: 1920×1200, 1280×1024

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30. 03. 2011

From the Shadows I Come

Been working on a Dark Templar model for a couple of days now. Still need to play with the lighting and add the psi blade.

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