17. 01. 2011

Importing Low Poly Models from Blender to Unity3D Part II

I decided to upload another example as it works a little better than the previous one. This model is sort of a ground grate in the upcoming space ship. Got myself into a...

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16. 01. 2011

Importing Low Poly Models from Blender to Unity3D

I tried out importing low polygon models from Blender into Unity as a proof-of-concept for a school project. The high poly scene consisted of 275,000 vertices whereas low poly had only 278! The...

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15. 01. 2011

BunnyCraft – Hell, it’s about time

1280×720 version. I decided to give myself two days to complete this one. One day modeling in Blender and another for compositing in After Effects. It turned out decent enough.

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11. 01. 2011

Wallpaper – Terran

1920×1200 1280×1024 1024×768 BOOM, baby!

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09. 01. 2011

Hello Unity3D

I’m just blown away how awesome Unity3D is. I’ve known about it for some time but it’s always felt like one of those monster engines I can’t wrap my mind around. How wrong...

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31. 12. 2010

“Helle was Here” Zombie Overdrive competition submission

I really liked this competition and the whole idea of people getting their own graphics into a game. There isn’t too many submissions at least on the facebook site so I decided to...

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29. 12. 2010

Me and My Friends… BWAAAAAAHHH!!!


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21. 12. 2010

Wallpaper – Samurai

Anyone who has shuffled through the Playstation3 themes may find this composition familiar. This kind of 2D art is one of the many things I’ve been thinking of doing. Mostly because it renders...

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16. 12. 2010

Work in progress – DNA

I got this idea to model some DNA stuff from my better half. I’m not even trying to explain what’s going on in here or she’ll beat me for butchering the science. There’s...

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07. 12. 2010
Passion Replay music video

Passion Replay music video

I don’t have much to say about this one. It’s far from perfect as I’m pretty useless as an animator. Also, the render times were getting ridiculous so I tried to avoid re-rendering...

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